To Sleep Beyond The Earth

by Clouds Taste Satanic

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"Clouds Taste Satanic's opus “To Sleep Beyond The Earth” is singular in vision and monolithic in intensity. The opening section of the first track bleeds power and infernal majesty with huge ringing chords oscillating into the distance interspersed with verbed out tremolo picking. You can tell right off the bat this was recorded at eardrum-bursting volume and echoes of Sunn O))) weigh heavy in the background. Moving into some nice melodic sections, Clouds Taste Satanic use a sprinkling of what sounds like a very subtle background effects at times a la Ufomammut. The occasional ringing gong at the beginning and ending sections are really fun to and do a great job at setting the atmosphere. Parts III & IV quickly move into an ascending stompy riff. At just before the five minute mark Clouds Taste Satanic settle into a nice groove then quickly break it up and move back into a stompy section. This track has more interesting song writing as the rhythmic changes are substantial and pummelling. These sections at the beginning of the second track are of a higher tempo then the lumbering opener. The middle bridge section echoes the huge intro with huge ringing chords. Interesting they move into a section around the fifteen minute mark that reminds me a lot of the band Tempel from their fantastic album “On the Steps Of The Temple” but slowed down and drugged out a bit. I love the tones and production on this one, everything is raw and huge. The guitar tones in particular are well into doom buzzsaw territory and the drums are pounding. I would also be inclined to say I like Parts I & II a bit better as the beginning of Part I is incredibly epic, literally a perfect opener."


"Stop what the fuck you are doing and give yourself 40 minutes to inhale this very special album called To Sleep Beyond The Earth from Clouds Taste Satanic. What’s going to happen when you listen to this band? You will say to yourself, I see what CVLT Nation means when they say that there are some amazing bands in the underground that need to be heard. The thing about this album is it’s better listened to as a whole, because then you will be able to experience the journey the band takes you on. To Sleep Beyond The Earth parts III & IV will make way more sense after the first two parts, because then you will be hooked on Clouds Taste Satanic!"


"Get the fuck out of here with that name. I'm not even sure I can legitimately review this without constantly thinking about it, honestly, but I will try. This one long track split up for vinyl purposes is pretty much just repetitive, instrumental stoner metal with a hazy, meandering vibe that can sometimes be riveting and other times pretty navel-gazing. Does it live up to its name? I'm still not even sure if I like the name, but yeah, this is okay."


"slow cooked a doom stew heavy on the wums."


“Crushing” and “majestic” are probably the simplest and most immediate ways to describe the debut from New York instrumental four-piece Clouds Taste Satanic. ‘To Sleep Beyond the Earth’ is comprised of a single track in four movements that effectively combines the grandeur and spaciness of post-rock ambiance with the ominous crawl and lumbering riffs of doom metal. Clouds Taste Satanic are here to fill the void left by the unfortunate dissolution of Germany’s Omega Massif.
With ‘To Sleep Beyond the Earth’ Clouds Taste Satanic have crafted a doom suite in four movements that avoids many of the pitfalls of extended, epic song lengths. There are enough changes in tone and tempo to keep the listener engaged while discerningly returning to thematic elements so as one cannot forget that they are experiencing a cohesive whole. It’s a journey worth undertaking again and again. Clouds Taste Satanic have moved to the forefront of instrumental doom and have set an incredibly high bar for future releases. Their follow-up release, ‘Your Doom Has Come,’ will be released on September 1st and expectations could not be any higher…"


"From the first tones, over the curiosity and towards the whole concept of To Sleep Beyond The Earth, I've definately reached fandom. Clearly these New Yorkers have chosen a path that suits them perfectly and has the power to open stages all over the world. I wouldn't be surprised if this album became a classic in the doom scene, along with 'Dopesmoker' by Sleep or 'Eternal Darkness' by Winter. It incorporates the best of both styles and convinces all the way through. So doom-fans and post-rock fans, hurry and get your hands on this jewel before it's sold out..."


"Probably the darkest music we've ever promoted, but Clouds Taste Satanic really outdid themselves with their debut album, 'To Sleep Beyond The Earth' with the heaviest of doom and post-rock sounds.
This 45-minute epic of sludge and doom is absolutely skull-crushing. From beginning to end, it’s slow and lumbering, and unrelentingly heavy. It’s almost redundant to describe doom as ‘heavy’ but the entire album is made up of this droning guitar, going low and slow with an early sabbath-like sound. The post-rock makes its most prominent appearance when the riffs start forming, adding textured layers to the sluggish crescendo."


"These guys take a step beyond heaviness and caustic atmospheres. Of course, they use a lot of improvisation on this, and let the waves of music flow like waterfalls of blood. I can’t imagine how much time took this shit behind rehearsal room’s door, but the result is remarkable and almost extraordinaire. This is highly recommended for those people who enjoy atmospheric – epic doom stuff and for those who, at the end of the day, they close the door, the eyes and the subconscious windows, and let the music flow to dawn. It’s excellent!!"


"In an era where experimental fusion and unnecessary complexity appears to characterize the strategy of the majority of bands, Clouds Taste Satanic have instead boldly chosen to stand firm amongst the classic roots that spawned the origins of the genre we love and adore. 'To Sleep Beyond the Earth' demonstrates a refreshing simplicity rooted in time-honored classical structures, enveloped around a subtle presence of intelligent songwriting that is prevalent throughout the entire album. The musical content itself is filled with some wonderful progressions that rise and fall seamlessly to form an enduring momentum, ranging from soaring leadwork floating over solid Stoner-Blues influenced riffage to mournfully-reflective plucking passages. The compositional framework appears to suggest a ‘step-process oriented structure’ with no forced-fancy-sudden transitions from one section to the next. This is not to suggest a lack of capability, but more so a display of the band’s honest approach to their music and expression thereof. Depending on your particular 'cup of tea' of doom, the repetitive and prolonged duration of certain passages on the album may appear monotonous for those who prefer their music to be of a more dynamic and progressive nature. The interesting aspect of this album lies in its ability to serve as a meditative and reflective canvas for the mind to roam freely without imposition. The more I spent time with 'To Sleep Beyond the Earth', the deeper my connection and adoration for the album was realized. The production on this album is noteworthy, in fact almost exceptional. All instrumentation has been shaped with acute precision, and yet not at all in an exaggerated form, thus maintaining a wonderfully-organic mix that allows all instruments to sit comfortably in their respective positions, whilst simultaneously enhancing one another, in the context of the whole. The warm yet powerful presence of the mix very much complements the band’s musical style, with full credit duly forwarded to the band and respective engineer for their efforts in crafting such a stellar piece of production. Clouds Taste Satanic carry on the torch of Traditional Doom, but with their own modern and unique twist of songwriting and production standards that forge a desirable balance between minimal, intelligent songwriting and pristine sonic treatment. Harbouring a slightly higher preference for the first half of the record over the second, 'To Sleep Beyond the Earth' is an admirable piece of work that would appeal to most Doom palettes. My personal belief is that in its entirety, the album conveys this: a reminder of the core element that brings us all together in our common appreciation and recognition of this genre that we love and surrender to, unconditionally, every single day."


"Music-wise you can expect to find yourself transfixed by the cold stare of Clouds Taste Satanic with the album "To Sleep Beyond The Earth" methodically creeping and crawling towards the listener with outstretched skeletal hands of doom. All told it's 45 minutes of stretched-out soul crushing material, but as they often say slow and steady wins the race. Made up of "To Sleep Beyond the Earth (Parts I & II)" and "To Sleep Beyond The Earth (Parts III & IV)" this is one of the ultra rare instrumental albums that actually seems to work better without vocals muddying up the mix."


"Riffs elongated to exhaustion draw murky atmospheres where echoes of Post Rock that have so successfully combined CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC with more lethargic and evocative Doom Metal perceived. Slow times and the dark aura that permeates around are the characteristics that best define this monolithic album and seamlessness that manages to deceive the listener to make him fall in their particular trance, in which words are unnecessary or chants, leaving all the prominence to basic instruments. early Music atmospheres but, yes, cloudy as hell itself by hostile masses of giant clouds that adopt shapes and colors maddening. What is certain is that if you're not used to slow and repetitive themes with "To Sleep Beyond The Earth" you'll feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable from the start, now, if you like the work of Post instrumental Rock and you are interested Doom, then you should listen to CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC because they can take you on a fascinating journey in which everything flows slowly but intensity. By the way, the album is also available on vinyl."


"After forty five minutes I admit to not having felt weariness or frustration, but a mesmerizing and fascinating feeling of immersion that is to be renewed."


released May 1, 2014



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Clouds Taste Satanic New York

Clouds Taste Satanic formed in Brooklyn, New York and has been mixing riff dominated stoner rock with instrumental doom since 2013. Their debut album, To Sleep Beyond The Earth, was released in 2014 and found its way into Decibel Magazine and across the blogosphere including The Sleeping Shaman, CVLT Nation and The Sludgelord. Enjoy. ... more


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